Ziad has over 40 years of experience in investment banking, PPPs, corporate strategy, governance, public policy, emerging markets, and government relations. He has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Latin America.

Ziak is the President of WAPPP and Co-Founder of Earth64. He has been Vice Chair of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)’s Working Party on PPPs, Secretary General of Lebanon’s High Council for Privatization and PPP, CEO of Lonbridge Associates, Senior Managing Director of Bear Stearns, President of Indosuez Mexico, Head of International Securitization at Citibank, and Vice President at Salomon Brothers.

He is and has been a member of the boards of multiple companies, banks, universities, NGOs, and tech startups and was a member of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. He has a master’s in International Management from the University of Texas at Dallas.