Eswatini has come out on top in Egypt!

MBABANE– Eswatini has come out on top in Egypt!

This is at the NDC Investments Awards, where the Government of Eswatini was awarded ‘Best Urban Development NDC Investment Award Initiative’ today. Eswatini was one of the 10 winning countries under 10 different categories. NDC is the acrimony for Nationally Determined Contribution.

The awards were presented at #COP27 in Egypt which have been from November 7, 2022 and will be on-going until November 18, 2022.

The award was received by Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Moses Vilakati and Eswatini delegates.In an interview with the Eswatini Positive News (EPN) News Desk, NDC Coordinator Dr Deepa Pullanikkatil said this was an exciting win for Eswatini.

“The Strengthening Urban Resilience in Eswatini (SURE) project is part of Eswatini’s Green Climate Fund Country Strategy and is a project led by National Disaster Management Agency and addresses the disasters on infrastructure including that of flooding which have been experienced in our cities recently.”

The NDC Investment Awards are the only international, pan-African awards that recognise and reward both public and private sector institutions who are working to innovate and break new ground to mobilize investment and private sector participation at scale, in NDC Paris aligned climate investment commitments and projects.

“The award is a global recognition and will bring with it support to develop the sure proposal further and mobilise finance which is much needed to address our climate vulnerabilities,” said Pullanikkatil.”

World governments and global development finance institutions recognize that there is no single Net Zero pathway that can be followed to address the SDGs and Paris Agreement infrastructure and energy multi-trillion Dollar financing gap for bankable green transition Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and Net Zero infrastructure projects. The only way would be to exponentially increase the scale and speed of global institutional investor allocations that can be rapidly deployed and perform at both project and asset levels in emerging markets and developing countries.